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Review – Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman

Pulitzer Prize winner Robert K Massie offers the tale of a princess who went to Russia at 14 and became one of the most powerful women in history. The portrayal of the rise of Catherine the Great was gripping and... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Finding Juliet

Book: Finding Juliet Author: Toffee Publication: Srishti Publishers Genre: Fiction This is a story of young man Arjun and his search of true love which he finds after meandering through the learning curves of life. The synopsis says ‘story of Arjun who believes in... Continue Reading →

Sixth Sense

I’m feeling cosy inside and I’m curling up a little more that I usually do.  I can feel a soft misty breeze and can breathe the crisp scented air. The soft warmth around makes me calm and puts me to... Continue Reading →

Dreams come true…literally

Today is again a Sunday! And like every Sunday I first read through the horoscope. I never believed horoscopes. May be I believed. Don't know if I really believed it ever or I just had fun in having a vague... Continue Reading →

Echoes of Cartoons


Just a few weeks back I was baby-sitting my nephew who’s not exactly a baby but a 5yr old little boy. He was hell bent to watch cartoons on TV right after he got back from school. Even after my disapproval, he did cajole me to his demand. And finally by the end of all the tamasha, I also sat down to watch what he watches. That was my moment of discovery.

Cartoons have been integral to any societal culture which is expressive, comedic that appealed to young & old. Just like most kids my nephew was also shuffling between Doraemon, Shin-Chan, Oggy & Cockroaches and Chota Bheem cartoon episodes. So I anticipated that must be his list of favourite cartoons. While the quality of animations have improved with a drastic difference but the storylines and dialogues have weakened than yesteryears. The story and dialogues are so very different in…

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