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April 2012

It’s all in the mind

These days, often I meet people who are unhappy or depressed about something or the other of their lives. And this syndrome of dissatisfaction is alarming! This change in intangible constitution of humans is usually attributed to the changing times,... Continue Reading →

Dress up!

Summer is here again and I can’t get into jeans anymore! That’s another excuse for me to wear dresses & skirts and feel feminine. I’ve an undying love for dresses since I was in school irrespective of whether I can... Continue Reading →

Anna’s movement will wipe out corruption – is it just a belief or truth?

Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption is not just his but people’s movement. He’s fighting for the nation. I belief the same and support the movement ardently because of which I made it a point to read few comparison/suggestion pointers of... Continue Reading →

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