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August 2015

Chapter 8 – Colourful Pushkar

A bright breezy early November morning looks upon us. I’m finally relaxed after last week’s heavy work schedule and enjoying my cuppa coffee on my 3rd floor veranda. I hear the bells ringing in the temple right next to my... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7 – Mussoorie, Queen of Hills

It’s become nearly impossible to concentrate on work when I know my weekend trip is just a few hours away. I’m oozing with impatience & excitement. Lalit picks me up at 8pm from my doorstep and while he manoeuvres through... Continue Reading →

Chapter 6 – A memory of childhood

Winter Holidays!!! Oh I loved them and still do. The all day soft sunshine, the variety of foods, the oranges, late wake ups are the best parts of the holidays. Kolkata is much warmer than the Northern cities of India... Continue Reading →

You're Beautiful!

Peace of mind

What's my purpose in life? Does this question ring a bell? It rings in my head so often. I wonder!!! I've been thinking about what is that one meaningful purpose in my life that would settle me down and I... Continue Reading →

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