Missing Something? (reblogged from Mycity4kids.com)

The cheesy chicken roast sits sizzling on the table while the group of young bloods go on a selfie spree. A dozen selfies get clicked. In one the girls pout, the other has change of hands on waist to another’s shoulder, then another with lemonades & mojitos to another without the drinks, with fork, without fork and so on.

The chicken goes cold waiting to get eaten. Once they are done with clicking themselves, the fork gets picked up and slices the chicken. Still two of them are on their mobiles; I guess they are uploading on social media.

I doubt what flavours remain, they must have already melted into the plate instead of the mouth.  One of them complains food isn’t as good and others join. In just half an hour they leave the restaurant with lots of food wasted.

Is that the new definition of a gratifying afternoon with friends?

Since the healthy advent of social media, we have come a long way hoping to remain connected to our friends and family all the time. But this hasn’t really happened. We seem to have become even more disconnected. We now know only what the other person shows us on their walls and posts. The moments of being together are replaced with posts and tagging.

The latest in the block is ‘Sarahah’ – the app that has taken the world by storm. Earlier we needed to find friends and now to know what they think about us, we need an app. Really?

With all this I think we have pushed ourselves into what I call ‘the missing something’ syndrome where we constantly feel upset for not having something or we are missing out on someone until we post updates or the constant look out for something that’s more satisfying.

Well, if you are also suffering from this syndrome then here are five things you can do:

  • Meet your friends over a get together at home or outside. Hug them. And talk! You’ll get to know millions more than their social profile.Click pictures but just don’t start posting it right there. You will lose out on the moments.
  • If you have a message for anyone, have the spirit to make a call or send an email/post or hand-deliver your message. Knowing who has what to say about you is more comforting than not knowing. You also get the bravery award. Knowing the other’s reaction is the bonus!
  • If you are using apps like ‘sarahah’ and likes, please don’t post it on a social timeline. That’s supposed to be for your information not for the world at large! Read what it says and junk it as you don’t even know if the person really knows you that well.We all need attention. Agreed! But not like this.
  • God has gifted us five senses that work together to let our brain know what is going on around us and how we feel about it. Engage all your senses to experience the present moment and not just one or two of them. It may be hard at first to consciously engage all five senses, but then if you can, you master it.