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Book Review – The Brahmin

Book: The Brahmin Author: Ravi Shankar Etteth Publication: Westland Publishers Genre: Historical Thriller     Being fond of thriller literature, I was happy to get a copy of ‘The Brahmin’ to read. After having read it, I feel privileged. The book is a... Continue Reading →

Social memories Vs Social apps

Missing Something? (reblogged from The cheesy chicken roast sits sizzling on the table while the group of young bloods go on a selfie spree. A dozen selfies get clicked. In one the girls pout, the other has change of... Continue Reading →

Peace of mind

What's my purpose in life? Does this question ring a bell? It rings in my head so often. I wonder!!! I've been thinking about what is that one meaningful purpose in my life that would settle me down and I... Continue Reading →

Are you in love?

Falling in love is so beautiful a feeling that I want to fall in love everyday of my life . The adrenaline rush, the heightened emotions and the surging feel good factor makes life look so wonderful. Love comes in diverse... Continue Reading →

I’ll live for you!

Whenever I look for articles or blogs on motherhood I find so much positive emotions - the care, the love, the unspoken bonding between the mother and the child. What about the frustration that do set in at times? What... Continue Reading →

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